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Singapore Professional Photographer with more than 10 years experience.
Specialist in pregnancy, new-born, baby, children & family photography.
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Creative Portrait Studio


We are Singapore’s specialist in maternity, baby, children and family pictures. Let our friendly, experienced photographers create the best memories for you and your family.

For more than 15 years, we've been capturing those incredible smiles, those heart-melting looks, and innocent moments of a child’s life...Photographing children is what we do best!

Babies and Children are both the most challenging to photograph, but the most rewarding. These little people are quite unpredictable and need to feel comfortable before they give their best smiles and expressions. The key to success is the patience of the parents and the experience of the studio. You and your children will enjoy your studio session.

Etta Tan, mother of four lovely daughters is the owner and main photographer. She has been interested in photography since her teens. She is passionate to make beautiful portraits of children as a priceless gift to parents.

As children grow up so quickly, Etta's ability to capture the essence of your child's character, the joy and innocence of each stage is very special.

We have a special collection of children's antiques, furniture and props to add uniqueness to your child's picture story.

We also have a wide range of children's clothes and costumes to enhance your portraits.

Family poses are also a specialty! Touching, emotional portraits that capture these special relationships will continue to delight you for years to come. Call her now for your keepsake portraits.

It's not just pictures..... It’s an Artwork. What distinguishes us from other studios is that we do the artwork on your wall portraits - the touches that make your portrait an heirloom. You'll see these enhancements that take your portrait to an even higher level of artistry.

Creative Portraits by Etta has two attractions - our loyal customers and our beautiful portraits. Customers have been coming to our studio for every year because they know we do everything to make sure their portrait will be one of their most beautiful and cherished possessions.

Take this opportunity to have creative portraits taken of your little ones now. You know how quickly they change and grow! Next month they'll have changed again! The best way to remember and treasure these fleeting memories is in beautiful portraits!

Children are God’s most precious gift. Celebrate your blessings with the precious gift you give yourself today and appreciated by your children years from now!
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